Sarah Burbank
3rd and 4th Grade Teacher

My full name is Sarah Burbank Hills. I’ve spent half of my life in the USA and the other half living here in Monteverde. At University, I studied Sociology and Spanish and when I had my third child I earned my Master’s Degree in Education and TESOL level 5. I am ecstatic to return as part of the staff at the Cloud Forest School. The school is the reason I first came here in ‘99 and it remains one of the principle reasons I have stayed for so many years. I’m extremely excited to see two of my three children return to the Cloud Forest School after this last school year spent in a pandemic, locked up to study in the house. And after 8 years of teaching children ESL online, it will be a great privilege to now be able to share with students and colleagues, whether in the classroom, a field, a trail, a dance floor, my Lecheria, or painting, walking, cooking, listening to music, making bread or swimming in a river or the sea.