Maverick Arroyo Espinoza
Technical Support

I am a native of Alajuela, I arrived in the Monteverde area at the end of 2019, currently I have already established my family in this beautiful area.
Privileged to be a dad, lover of technology; Since I was a child until today, I dedicate a large part of my life to learning about technology and its advances.
Specialized in the area of maintenance and technical support.
I have several certifications such as: Preventive and corrective maintenance of computer equipment at the National Learning Institute, Computer operator and complete use of office automation at the National Technical University, Introduction to cybersecurity from Cisco Network Academy, Digitization of Google businesses, Cybersecurity in Telecommuting by Google and the National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain.
I like to share my knowledge with other people, I consider myself self-taught in most areas of computing, I am very social, which allows me to exchange knowledge with other people in the profession. I love adding value to organizations and working on projects for mutual growth.