University Study Abroad

University Study Abroad Program

The CFS has developed a study abroad program for university students to earn credit as teacher’s assistants in our classrooms. Over the years, our internship program has grown to welcome students from a long list of well-respected North American and European universities, and we take great pride not only in the quality of our interns, but also in the quality of the program we offer them. This internship is designed to assist university students interested in education to reach their full potential as classroom educators while simultaneously experiencing the unique atmosphere of a progressive, bilingual school in the cloud forest of Costa Rica.

At the CFS, our experienced, motivated mentor teachers double as textbooks and our 106-acre campus/conservation site doubles as a classroom. The internship is largely field-based—study abroad interns act as full-time classroom assistants for a minimum of three months. Each intern is carefully matched with a cooperating teacher who will oversee the intern in one of our classrooms and personally guide him or her in this hands-on learning experience. Mentors and interns work together to develop lesson plans, deliver lessons, evaluate student performance, and learn our school’s progressive philosophies of child-centered education, positive discipline, and environmental education. In addition, interns often work on supervised independent projects to support their own (2)

For some university partnerships, the CFS also organizes a month of intensive Spanish study at a local language school prior to starting in the classroom. During their stay, interns live with one of our homestay families, all of whom have experience hosting interns and have children currently enrolled in the CFS.

If you are a professor of education or an administrator at a North American college or university and would like to investigate the possibility of having your students intern in classrooms at the CFS, please do not hesitate to be in touch with us directly at opportunities (@) cloudforestschool (dot) org.

Please note: The full-semester internship program can be divided into three different categories: university study abroad, formal student teaching and classroom apprenticeship (for those unaffiliated with an organization or educational institution). If you are interested in applying for the Classroom Internship and are not affiliated with a university or a student teaching program, please see our “Internship” page for the online application. If you are participating in an organized program, please click on the link below to apply.

Dates for the Study Abroad Program, 2017-2018

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