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Student and volunteer groups of all ages and abilities are invited to participate in our Group Program.  Your group will experience a new culture, learn about cloud forest ecology and environmental education, participate in the construction and maintenance projects on our beautiful campus – buildings, gardens, organic farm and rainforest trails – and become part of a creative, innovative, vibrant community.

Group Program includes:

  • Homestay placement with a local, CFS family to practice Spanish and learn about the culture of Costa Rica.
  • Service projects on our campus such as reforestation, organic gardening, construction and trail maintenance.
  • The opportunity to experience and be a part of a local bilingual school in Costa Rica where you will interact with our students and give back to our community.

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From the Participants…

“The work was hard, but it was a lot of fun. I think we made a huge difference.”  — Middle school student

“I really enjoyed working on the school projects.  It was incredible to work in nature, see beautiful sites, and learn more about the culture.” — University student

“When they returned to the States, the students did a Presentation of Learning to the community about their experience.  The impact that this trip had on them was evident.  They won an award for the best demonstration of learning, which is a big deal for our school.” — Teacher Leader

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