Semester Internship Program

The Cloud Forest School semester internship is a 4-month, field-based learning experience. Interns work as full-time assistants to a classroom teacher where they learn to plan and give lessons, evaluate student work and behavior, and refine their classroom management skills. They work closely with a cooperating teacher to assist in all aspects of the classroom. They may be asked to provide one-on-one and small group assistance to students needing extra support in the areas of reading, math and English as a Second Language.

In addition to their full-time placements, Interns have often taken responsibility for assemblies, after-school programming, and in-school non-academic programming. Those with a special interest have often taken it upon themselves to conduct drama clubs and plays, give dance classes, guitar lessons, yoga classes, teach music, or share another talent or interest with our students after school. In general, we have about 12 interns per year, and more interns in the Spring than in the Fall.

Please note: The full-semester internship program can be divided into three different categories: university study abroad, formal student teaching and classroom apprenticeship (for those unaffiliated with an organization or educational institution). If you are interested in applying for the Classroom Internship and are affiliated with a university or a student teaching program, please see our “University Study Abroad” page for the online application. If you are not participating in a program, please click on the link below to apply.

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Please email all inquiries and questions regarding the Semester & Summer Internship Programs to:

Summer Internship Program

The Cloud Forest School Summer Internship is a  five-week, field-based experience. Summer Interns work as full-time assistants to a cooperating teacher during our day-camp summer programs. They learn to plan and execute activities for their student group and assist in all aspects of the camp. Morning session consists of cultural, artistic, and environmental activities with a mixture of local and international children. In the afternoon, students split up according to native language and receive intensive language classes. Interns assist with the intensive English as a Second Language classes and may attend Spanish lessons themselves after camp is over. Please contact Kathia Corrales for more details at

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Dates, Fees, and Logistics:

We offer internships in the fall semester (August to December) and the spring semester (January to June).

Length of Internship: 18 weeks

Application due at least 60 days in advance of program start date.

Internship Cost:  From $7,300

Includes: Host family placement (private room, 3 meals/day, laundry once per week), Spanish class once a week, internship as a full-time teacher’s assistant in a CFS classroom, workshops and professional development, transportation to and from school daily, orientation, supervision, support, and farewell celebration.

Please contact the External Relations Manager for more details at

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