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With his skilled hand and keen eye, Cincinnati, Ohio, wildlife artist Charley Harper (1922-2007) has transported into this poster the excitement, color and vibrant life of the Monteverde Cloud Forest which local children shared with Charley and his wife Edie when they visited. Now you, the viewer, can have a looking glass into the magic of the world’s most ecologically diverse and fragile forest. Using “minimal realism,” Charley has depicted 39 of the plants and animals he encountered. If you have been to Monteverde, you can appreciate the uniqueness of the environment through the poster. If you have never been here, we hope it invites you to visit!

Monteverde Poster (22” x 36”) $25.00 + ($8.00 postage and handling in the United States)

Please note that international shipping outside of the U.S. costs: $28

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Note: Special wholesale pricing is available. All proceeds from the sale of the posters support the Cloud Forest School in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Paradise Imperfect: An American Family Moves to the Costa Rican Mountains


“This hilarious and heart-felt story gripped me from the first page. I currently live in Monteverde and am a teacher at the Cloud Forest School where Page’s children studied. I live in the neighborhood of Canitas where Page’s family lived and her story is so relatable. I felt myself nodding in agreement and feeling relieved that someone had found the words to express so many of the sentiments I experienced when I moved here. I felt like Margot Page let me in on the most intimate, funny, and insightful parts of her life. Having lived in Monteverde for almost 2 years myself, I feel she did a beautiful job of depicting Monteverde, Costa Rica, and a relatable story of the expat experience.”

Jodi Goodman, 1st Grade CFS Teacher


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