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The Cloud Forest School strives to offer equal opportunity education in an effort to ensure that as many local children as possible can attend our school.  However, many of our students’ families cannot afford to pay full tuition.  This year, the CFS is offering more than $190,000 in financial aid to more than 75% of our students.

By educating the children of Monteverde about the diversity and importance of the cloud forest, we work to ensure that they will learn to value and preserve this endangered ecosystem. A strong command of the English language also ensures students will have multiple opportunities when they leave the CFS.

Currently, 12 of our students at the school are in great need of financial assistance, and will not be able to return to the CFS next year without additional support. We hope that you will consider sponsoring a student’s tuition for the 2017-2018 school year.
Art during Family DayAt present:

  • Seedling Scholars: $230/month will support the full tuition of a preschool student.
  • Elementary Students: $280/month will support the full tuition of an elementary student, grades 1-4
  • Middle School Students: $310/month will support the full tuition of a middle shool student, grades 5-7
  • High School Students: $330/month will support the full tuition of a high school student, grades 8-11
  • Partial scholarships are also available – any amount counts towards tuition!

We hope that you strongly consider sponsoring a student here at the CFS.  As a CFS Student Sponsor, you will receive bi-annual updates and photos from the student’s teachers on how your student is doing at the CFS.  You will be playing a key role in the success of our students and their families!

If you are interested in becoming a Student Sponsor, or if you would like more information about the program, please contact: opportunities@cloudforestschool.org

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