CFS Students Abroad

Cloud Forest School Students Abroad

The CFS is privileged to partner with a variety of independent schools and programs in the US and Costa Rica which offer a small, select group of  our high school students the opportunity to study abroad every year.  Each program is unique; they differ in timeline, living situation and focus.  The majority of CFS students have never owned a passport, traveled outside of the country, and especially have never traveled on an airplane! CFS students who do study abroad are often extremely successful – even though they are completely immersed in English language courses, most make honor roll within their first quarter.

In the past, CFS has partnered with CIRENAS, Mercersburg, Catlin Gabel and Saint Andrews Sewanee to provide this transformative opportunity to our students. Cloud Forest School students are vibrant, hard-working, bright young people, hungry for the opportunity to get out into the world – to learn, see and do new things, meet new people, improve their English and expand their global vision. They bring a unique perspective to US-based schools, and offer North American students the opportunity to learn from peers with vastly different backgrounds and experiences. Hosting CFS students brings cultural richness and diversity to US-based schools, and allows those institutions the opportunity to give back to the global community, change the lives of our students, and help open doors for their future.

We are always looking for new partner schools. If your school is interested in hosting CFS students at your school or in your program, please contact us!

Exploring the world, from the ground up | Explorando el mundo, hoja por hoja.

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