Our Philosophy

Philosophy of the Cloud Forest School

The CFS curriculum follows the national educational standards, but instructional methods differ greatly from those used in public schools in the region. Cloud Forest School teachers incorporate an experiential, hands-on teaching methodology in the classroom and are provided with ongoing professional development to constantly refine the craft of teaching. Educators at the CFS are encouraged to actively participate in curriculum development.

Students of the CFS will investigate not only ecological problems, but also their solutions, seeking the means to coexist peacefully with the natural world.  Our goal is to graduate individuals with strong roots in environmentalism who possess the tools to recognize the consequences of participation in a consumer society.  Additionally, our graduates will be able to pursue pragmatic long term solutions to these difficult challenges.

At the CFS, clear administrative leadership, support from parents, and a creative, logical program for children unite to promote an atmosphere in which learning is exciting, relevant and interrelated. The CFS and all of its community members emphasize self-respect, honesty, kindness and consideration within and beyond the confines of the classroom.

Below you will find the Regulations for the Assessment of Learning of MEP, which together with CEC’s own regulations, forms the assessment process we follow.


Exploring the world, from the ground up | Explorando el mundo, hoja por hoja.

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