Student Work


Our students are hard at work everyday learning about  the world around them.  We invite you to look at the following products of student work.

From the Escuela (Kinder – 4th grade)

Libro de la comunidad- Community Book

The students of Prepa interviewed various CFS staff members and put their findings together with homemade drawings in this precious collection.

Find out about the CFS community here: Community Book- Libro de la Comunidad

Student Presentation on Insects

Fourth grader Olivia Hardin-Nieri did a great job presenting a lesson and field project about insects.  Olivia is a member of a Young Naturalists program at the Butterfly Garden of Monteverde and was excited for the opportunity to share what she has learned with her younger schoolmates.

Learn more about Olivia’s presentation here:  Olivia’s Insect Program

What does it mean to be Tico/Tica?

This year’s fourth grade class embarked on a project for social studies that ended in this fabulous presentation. They interviewed community members with questions related to “What does it mean to be Tico/Tica?”  The students participated in every facet from writing, photographing, typing and designing the Power Point Presentation. We are extremely proud of them!

Learn about what being tico means to our community members here: 4th Grade Interviews Presentation

4th grade waterWater Poetry

The 4th graders have been studying all about water and how to conserve our water resources! They integrated their water and poetry units and wrote a collection of poems, Poesia Sobre Agua. They also submitted their poetry in a Poetry Contest that is part of the community-wide Feria del Agua in June. 

From the Middle School (5th  – 7th grade)

Reforestation at the Cloud Forest School

Reforestation 7th grade

The 7th graders investigated the history of the land at our school, relationships and interactions in the cloud forest ecosystem, student participation in reforestation, and some specific tree species in our reforestation plots. We invite you to read about what we found out and get some of your questions answered!!



From the Colegio (8th – 11th grade)


Trip to the University of Georgia Campus in San Luis
In December 2013, the 11th Graders took a trip down to the University of Georgia campus in San Luis. They learned about sustainability projects such as biodigestors, research projects about climate change, and water quality monitoring. These students wrapped up the day by getting wet and going stream sampling themselves!

See the pictures and reflections from the trip here:  UGA Field Trip




Recycling Public Service Announcements

These public service announcement videos were created by eighth grade students in the CFS’s Spanish & Education for Sustainability class. The videos use student-made puppets to emphasize the importance of the “four R’s” and to introduce a creative set of student-made recycling containers at the CFS.

Watch our PSA’s here:  and here


 The CEC Greenhouse Guidebook

Upon walking into the CFS Greenhouse, also known as the Casa Verde, you will encounter a wide diversity of plant species. What are these plants and what is are their roles in the cloud forest ecosystem? During the 2012-13 school year, the 10th grade environmental education class researched the major plant taxa represented in the greenhouse. They decided to put together a guidebook for other students, visitors, and staff in order to share the information they learned about plant taxonomy, adaptations, microclimates, and ecosystem processes.
See the Guidebook here:  The CEC Greenhouse Guidebook


Reflections on Reforestation at the CFS

Much of the CFS’s property was used as cattle pasture until the land was purchased to build a school. Part of the school’s charter is to restore the former pasture into forest by reforesting. Students have germinated and planted thousands of native trees. For reforestation to be successful, it is helpful to know what works and what may be most appropriate given the existing environmental conditions. In 2009, the CFS and Patricia Townsend began a monitoring program that involved high school students. For five years, data has been collected in permanent monitoring plots to assess the effectiveness of two restoration strategies and include citizen science data in the analysis. Having students involved in data collection not only engages them in the scientific process, but also enables them to see and evaluate the reforestation efforts. Last year, the 10th grade students actively participated in the collection of data and put together recommendations and reflections about the reforestation project at the CFS.

See the student recommendations and reflections here: CEC Reforestation Project – Student Reflections 2012-2013


Bellbird Documentary

The Bellbird Documentary was created by Ethan Evans, a 10th grade international student at the CFS (fall 2012). This documentary shines a light on the importance of the Bellbird in the conservation history of the Monteverde Zone.

Learn about the Bellbird here:






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