Mural Painting Mini-Course

Written by José Daniel (9th grade) and Kai (7th grade)

The main purpose in redoing the monkey mural on the third-fourth grade building is to restore the mural to its previous glory so that it will last another twenty years. Our instructor/advisor Carla Willoughby started the renovation on the mural because she wanted to see it restored to the previous beauty that she witnessed in her two years of teaching at the C.E.C. from 1999 to 2001, and because of her son who attends the first grade at the C.EC. . The original design was based on the ecosystem of the cloud forest that surrounds the C.E.C. School.  The mural pictured monkeys in the canopy and trees at a sunset scenery. As a group, we are restoring the original picture with better color and some additions.

We are a small group of five high school students that wanted to make the school look better by restoring this beautiful mural. Our main goal is to add better vivid colors to this piece. The leader of our group invited us to join in this inspiring project for the school.

Luis- is an eighth grade student who wanted to help with this project because he wanted his school to look better for the remaining three years he’ll spend here.  His mother is a professional painter, and has taught him some of the basic skills.

Maricel-is a seventh grader who wanted to help with this renovation because she wanted to improve her existing artistic talent and to make her school look better than it did before. Her mother is a professional painter and has also taught her some basic skills.

Fabiana-is a seventh grader who was interested in helping because she thought that the wall should be revamped to help the school look better. Fabiana has done some painting and took a detailed drawing lesson with Dinia the Spanish teacher.

José Daniel-is a ninth grader who wanted to try painting on a surface big enough to help the school improve on its look. He has done some abstract art in the past but not too much painting, but he would like to extend his abilities for art.

Kai-is a seventh grader who wanted to help the school in her short stay and to improve her skill set in art. She has done art lessons in the past and has helped her mom paint rooms in similar designs, she also enjoys painting.

Carla- Carla is the group leader and the person who wanted to restore the mural. She wanted to do this project because she used to teach at the C.E.C. for 2 years (1999-2001). She also taught in the same classroom where the mural is painted. She loves to paint and she wanted to contribute something to the school.

The Process

Written by Carla Willoughby with contributions from Luis Antonio (8th grade)

Day 1/Día 1:

We introduced ourselves to each other.

We started to paint the primer on the new fiberboard.

Nosotros nos presentamos.

Nosotros comenzamos a pintar la base de pintura en el nuevo fibrolit.

Day 2/Día 2:

We started to write up the blog and helped Edgar, Carla’s husband, to finish building the scaffolding.

Comenzamos a escribir el blog y ayudamos a Edgar, el esposo de Carla, a terminar de armar los andamios.

Day 3/Día 3:

We sanded down the part of the mural where the paint was chipping off.   We finished painting the primer on the new fiberboard.  Luis tried to create a new way of sanding the wall.

Nosotros lijamos la parte del mural donde la pintura se estaba descarapelando.  Terminamos de pintar la base de pintura en el nuevo fibrolit.  Luis intentó crear una nueva forma de lijar la pared.

Day 4/Día 4:

We painted primer over the top part of the mural where the fiberboard was showing through the original painting.

Nosotros pintamos la base de pintura encima de la parte superior del mural donde se podía ver el fibrolit por la pintura original.

Day 5/Día 5:

We chose a part of the mural that interested us.  We practiced drawing it.

Nosotros elegimos una parte del mural que nos interesaba.  Practicamos dibujándola.

Day 6/Día 6:

We practiced transferring a drawing by using a grid, just in case we could not transfer the original mural image using a projector.

Nosotros practicamos transferir un dibujo usando cuadros, por si acaso no podíamos transferir el imagen original del mural usando un proyector.

Day 7/Día 7:

We went over the color wheel and finished drawing the section of the mural that we are interested in painting.  We updated the blog.  At night, Jose Daniel, Carla, Luis, Maricel and Natalia and Eduardo(former CEC students, and children of our teacher Esperanza) worked with a projector to transfer the original mural drawing.  We worked until 8 p.m.

Nosotros repasamos la rueda de color y terminamos de dibujar la parte del mural que nos interesaba pintar.  Actualizamos el blog.  En la noche, José Daniel, Carla, Luis, Maricel, y Natalia y Eduardo (estudiantes anteriores del CEC, e hijos de nuestra maestra Esperanza) trabajamos con un proyector para transferir el dibujo del mural original.  Trabajamos hasta las 8 de la noche.

Day 8/Día 8:

Orange Day!  We painted all of the red, orange and yellow tones of color.

¡Día Anaranjado! Pintamos todos los tonos de color rojo, anaranjado y amarillo.

Day 9/Día 9:

Blue and White Day!  We painted all of the blue and white tones of color.

¡Día Azul y Blanco! Pintamos todos los tonos de color azul y blanco.

Day 10/Día 10:

Green Day!  We painted all of the green tones of color.

¡Día Verde!  Pintamos todos los tonos de color verde.

Day 11/Día 11:

We edited our blog entries and chose the pictures that we wanted to share.  We also enjoyed some chocolate chip banana muffins!

Nosotros editamos nuestras entradas de blog y escogimos las fotos que queríamos compartir.  ¡También disfrutamos de algunos pancitos de banano con pedacitos de chocolate!

10 thoughts on “Mural Painting Mini-Course”

  1. Wow! what an amazing undertaking. I remember when Meg painted the original. I can’t believe how long ago that was. I can’t wait to see the finished results.

  2. And the process continues…I spent 3 weeks after the mini-course putting the final painting touches on the top part of the mural. This week, I opened up a second mini-course to complete the bottom part of the mural. There are four 7th grade girls (Hillary, Kai, Tracy, and Allison) who are working with me in this course. We are also being helped by Sarah’s 3rd grade students (who are in the classroom directly behind the mural) 2 times each week. More photos and blog posts to come!!

    Y el proceso continua… Pasé las 3 semanas después del mini-curso pintando los últimos detalles de la parte superior del mural. Esta semana, abrí un segundo mini-curso para terminar la parte de abajo del mural. Hay 4 estudiantes(Hillary, Kai, Tracy, y Allison) del séptimo grado (primer año de colegio) quienes están trabajando conmigo en este curso. También, dos veces por semana, nos están ayudando los estudiantes de Sarah del tercer grado (los que tienen su aula directamente detrás del mural). ¡Habrán más fotos y entradas de blog!

    1. We were babies when Carla came to Monteverde, Costa Rica the first time !! I love my BFF Tracy <3 O:)

  3. Fabulous collaborative project that will be enjoyed by many for years to come! Carla, kudos for your vision, energy and gifts to help make this a reality. So thrilled to see photos and names of people dear to my heart involved in this project. Saludos a todos!

  4. Well I really feel good doing this project with Carla and my best friend Tracy and 2 other 7th graders. I feel good to do this because I can learn to draw and I really like to do this!!!

  5. I love to paint and I feel really good doing this and it is super fun when sometimes the other girls(like Hillary) paint your hair hahahaha. It is nice that we can make our school prettier… 🙂 lol

  6. This project is really fun to participate in even though on the rainy days we can’t paint.And it makes the school so much prettier.

  7. I really like this project, because I love painting and I find it interesting and fun!! We are all girls and its pretty fun most of the time because we don’t just paint, we share time together, joke around and laugh all the time, for example when I paint the girls’ hair, and I steal the camera for pictures !haha:p I’m enjoying this art project to beautify our school!:D

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