Fifth Graders Share Their Poetry

Fifth graders present their poetry to an audience of peers and parents during February Open House

The Elementary School Open House last Friday, February 17th, featured songs, artwork, dioramas, presentations and classroom tours. Parents and school community members travelled from classroom to classroom to witness and learn about what our students have accomplished during the past theme cycle. In Prepa (kindergarten) students demonstrated their knowledge of water and the different kinds of plants and animals that live in water. Fourth graders displayed their mastery of the various ecosystems present in Costa Rica. Kinder (pre-school) proudly sang songs in both Spanish and English to a group of adoring parents and older siblings.

In fifth grade, where students have recently begun to analyze poems and write their own verses, teacher Steve Venable guided his class through a poetry reading of original student work. Students shared poems written in English, proudly  reading them aloud to an audience of classmates and parents. Many of them chose themes relating to the outdoors, nature, or other important places and spaces in their lives. When asked whether they would like to have their work displayed on the school website, nobody hesitated–all were eager to share their work with the world. With pride, we happily share these poems with you–may they brighten your day and bring a little poetry into your life!

"I was walking in the green grass, The yellow shining of the sun, reflected the beautiful flowers on the water. The war of the wind came to peace, and the rain drops of the gray cloud, became a beautiful rainbow. I knew my tree was there, because I created my tree in a magical place."
"Beach Walks" by Alina
Brilliant Ocean by Tiffany

"Family" by Mitzy Vanessa
"Camping" by Luis
"Kiosk" by Javier
"Lonely" by Maria Jose
"The Beach" by Daniela
"The Beautiful View" by Mirena
"The Forest" by Justin
"The Hike" by Carlos Andres
"The Sound of the Bird" by Yuniher
"The Waterfall" by Carlos Enrique
"Trees" by Jose Gabriel

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