Cloud Forest School’s New Medicinal Plant Garden

by: Chiara Cabiglio, CFS Volunteer

Cloud Forest School has a new addition to its already plant- and forest-abundant grounds: a useful and beautiful medicinal garden! How did it all start? One day I came to work sick and with a sore throat. Milton immediately left for the green house and came back with a handful of the medicinal plants, lemongrass (Zacate Limon) and lemon verbena (Juanilama). He gave me detailed instructions in Spanish of how to make an herbal tea with the two plants. I was better in a couple of days.

Milton (aka the Medicine Man), some of the children, and I have been working on this garden that is situated behind the green house for a couple of weeks, off and on, and it is almost finished! The natural, mini pharmacy features the following plants: Zacate Limon/Lemongrass, Ruda/Rue, Romero/Rosemary, Sábila/Aloe Vera, Curcuma/Turmeric, Tilo/Water-Willow, Genjibre/Ginger, Juanilama/Lemon Verbena, and Menta/Mint. There are paths weaving in between the rows of plants for the children and staff to walk on and identify each medicinal herb, with the help of signs.

Chiara with Eduardo (left) and Milton (right)

The idea behind this project primarily is to provide the school with accessible, healing medicinal plants. Therefore, if you are sick and have a sore throat, a sunburn, an ear infection or something else, come on up to CEC’s medicinal garden, ask Milton to pick the plants you need, and you will be better in no time! Isn’t nature simply wonderful?!

To read more about my experience volunteering with Cloud Forest School, read my “We Are Children of Mother Earth, Mother Earth is Our Child” blog post.

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