Start Your Week with Peace

This morning at 8am, all of the students and staff joined hands to celebrate a moment of peace and a return to the rhythm of school. As all those who have passed through our gates well know,  the student body begins every Monday morning with the simplest of traditions–Peace Circle. Although it generally lasts no more than a few minutes, Peace Circle is arguably one of the backbone traditions of the Cloud Forest School.

On this particular Monday morning, Director Laura Grenholm led the group in some morning stretches, anouncements, the “Creativa Wave,” and a moment of silence. Students juggled backpacks and band equipment–one of the anouncements, of course, was that September 15th band and bastonera practice will begin this afternoon. At last it was time for all to hold hands and share a quiet moment together. There was a light breeze and lots of August-morning sun, and the thump-thump-thump of public school band practice sounded softly in the background–a sound that quickly becomes the soundtrack, or maybe the heartbeat of all Costa Rican towns at this time of year. I then took a moment to contemplate the view of our main office completely dwarfed by towering trees in the background. Remembering what this building once looked like and seeing how far we’ve come after just twenty years is simply astounding.

Just as kinder and high school kids alike began to fidget, we were all thanked for our time and sent off to begin our days. Students picked up their bags and ran happily to class together, ushered by their teachers and at least 2 stray dogs. The great thing about Peace Circle is that it invites all members of our school community to be present and together, a way for all of us to return to a common center before going ahead and diving headfirst into our weeks. Have a great school year, everyone!

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