The Cloud Forest School (el Centro de Educación Creativa) is an independent school located on 106 acres of cloud forest land in storied Monteverde, Costa Rica. Home to some 200 Pre-School through 11th graders, our student body is made up of 95% local Costa Rican students, and 5% international students. A full 75% of  our students pay deeply discounted tuition.

Our goal is to graduate bilingual individuals with strong roots in environmentalism. Armed with the tools to take on today’s complex problems, our graduates will become tomorrow’s botanists, farmers, lawyers, veterinarians, biologists & environmental justice warriors!



Our mission is to nurture generations of ecologically aware, academically well-rounded, bilingual individuals. We work to provide students with the knowledge, values and skills needed to make environmentally and socially conscious decisions on a local, national and global scale.


Our vision is to help foster a sustainable future for the Earth by educating individuals to:

— Love, respect and protect the natural environment;

— Strive for justice and peace as well as academic excellence, and;

— Work towards conserving biodiversity and enriching community life.

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0.5% of your purchase value will be donated to the CFS!
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El Centro de Educacion Creativa/The Cloud Forest School
Apartado 23-5655
Monteverde, Puntarenas
Costa Rica
(011) 506-2645-5161

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